15 Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor (Guest Blog Feature)


If you are looking to buy or sell a home for the very first time, seeking assistance from a realtor will be a relationship worth thoroughly developing. Face it, you’ll probably be spending a few weeks and countless hours with this individual to get results in your favor; so it’s important to develop an alliance that’s formulated down to the nitty-gritty. Real Estate experts suggest that it’s best to uncover all sorts of details about your prospective realtor prior to hiring them to be your right-hand man. After all, you don’t have to choose the first realtor you meet.

In order to ensure a positive experience your first go round, here are 15 questions you should consider asking your realtor:

Can you explain this process to me?
What experience do you have?
Do you work solo or as a part of a team?
Do you plan to personally set me up with an appraiser or inspector, and may I check your references?
How do your realtor fees work?
How will you market my home?
How will you keep me informed?
Is this area growing or declining?
Can I have a copy of the data collected from the Comparative Marketing Analysis for the area?
How many clients are you currently representing?
How often will you communicate with me?
At what price do you anticipate my house will sell in the current market?
What will be my closing costs?
What do you know about home loans?
How many homes have you closed on in my neighborhood?

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