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T.R.I.D Changes
Appraisers should NOT fear the new rules….The new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule for mortgage loan applications is here, and while there’s been many stories about how TRID will affect lenders and borrowers, there’s not much information on how appraisers would be affected….Read More

Switch It Up: 5 Tips To Bring In More Appraisals

Need some new ideas to bring in more revenue and appraisals? Check out these 5 tips to jump start your client base: Blogging This is a great way to become an expert voice in the appraiser community,  make sure you are conversational and relatable in your approach addressing your audience in ...Read More »

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Meet Us At The Appraiser Roundtable

  Join AGREA on April 28, 2016 from 9-11 AM for The Appraiser Roundtable! This event will serve as an open forum for Real Estate Appraisers to discuss important industry issues, network with fellow appraisers, learn more about AGREA and brainstorm about industry related topics. Topics will include: Addressing Inflated ...Read More »

Tax Deduction Makeover: Appraiser Edition

As an appraiser, many of your job related expenses come out of your own pocket. And its no secret that throughout the year those purchases can add up fast. That’s where your (conditional) friend Uncle Sam can come to the rescue concerning your tax return. Deductions can make or break a refund, ...Read More »

Efficiency At Its Best?

  Efficiency at its best? When your appraisal fees are so low, you can’t even stop to take a leak! What are some ways that you cut down on time while in the field? #AMC #WillAppraiseForFood #AGREARead More »

Idaho Emerges As Latest State To Change AMC Laws

A new legislation was signed into law last week by Governor Butch Otter stating that appraisal management companies in Idaho will soon have a wide-ranging set of regulations they are required to follow. The Idaho AMC rules are very similar to the federal regulations for AMCs that were released last year. Under the ...Read More »

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