T.R.I.D Changes
Appraisers should NOT fear the new rules….The new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule for mortgage loan applications is here, and while there’s been many stories about how TRID will affect lenders and borrowers, there’s not much information on how appraisers would be affected….Read More

We’ve created a repository of information detailing topics important for people new to the appraisal industry! We’ve focused on general questions, considerations for renovating and updating, appraiser lingo, and many other topics. Please contact us if you still have more questions!


The Association of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers (AGREA) was started to address the needs and issues of the appraiser community here in the state of Georgia. We was act to promote respect and profitability,and build professional networking opportunities for Georgia Real Estate Appraisers.
As a member YOU are AGREA, YOUR actions are AGREA, YOUR inactions are AGREA, what YOU do or don’t do will make all the difference. GET INVOLVED! Advocate for your own livelihood.
No, the cost and time involved in incorporating and properly maintaining the organization as nonprofit requirements would affect the productivity of the organization.
The board is under development. Also, there are committees being formed that are dedicated to making the organization run smoothly. Interested in making a difference? Join a committee.
No, most of the administrative management of AGREA is done in Atlanta however we are looking for appraisers in rural areas to host networking events to further dialogue about today’s issues. AGREA can be as large, as wide spread and as much of a voice in the financial market as YOU make it.
AGREA is located at 3355 Lenox Road NE Suite 750 Atlanta, GA 30326. Please look at the contact us page for more information.
We need to stand up as a group and tell AMC’s and lenders what our minimum fees are. AMC will continue”scope stuffing” (the act of adding additional requirements without additional payments such as the MC form, additional comps, 216, additional listings, pending sales ect.) and becoming more and more of a portion of the appraisal fee while lenders will continue not minding that the appraisers are not getting a fair cut being that at the end of the day the report get done.
No, we do hope to work with other organizations when pushing for national changes in the future, however we are focused on Georgia real estate appraiser issues and getting a voice in what happens here in Georgia.


Those who are interested in being proactive about the future of their career, those who realize that it takes more than just complaining about what’s wrong, those who are tired of appraisal fees going down while requirements and time required to complete a report goes up. Discussions are great for entertainment but action gets the job DONE!
Call or email AGREA. Ask what can I do, how can I be a part of the organization, and not just listed as a member. You’re a member! Let your voice be heard. 
Those who have 2-4 hours per month to dedicate to making major changes in the industry and want to meet key persons that effect our industry.
Send an email describing the position you are interested in to membership@agrea.org.
AGREA will schedule with the venue and notify members in the area. Simply attending the event, greet the members as they arrive, introduce yourself, provide them with an AGREA name tag and introduce them tothe rest of the attendees. Estimated time requirement would be 3 hours per month. This will help you to meet an appraisers in your local area.
Assist the chairperson in researching issues that affect AGREA members. Estimated time requirement would be 3 hours per month.
Meet once a month to discuss upcoming events, membership needed, member relations, educational events,HVCC changes, and appraiser related bills and laws. A chairperson must bring ideas large or small that can help bring about change for Georgia appraisers. Estimated time requirement would be 4 hours per month.


Networking and having open dialogue with your fellow appraisers will encourage appraisers to stop looking at each other as competition! Knowing your fellow appraisers are fed up with low fees and scope stuffing will prompt a different response when AMC’s propose low fees.
This is an opportunity to come out and enjoy a day in the park with other appraisers and their families, enjoy field events, light snacks and beverages. It’s the weekend- time to relax! Family Days are also “pet friendly” events.
Simply an opportunity to come out after work, and meet other appraisers in your area in an informal environment.
Its an opportunity for appraiser to discuss their successes, frustrations and issues that effect their business and other appraisers who may have gone through similar issues to address or learn from. The 20 person limit is needed to keep all participants involved, focused and undistracted by side conversations.
AGREA is big on community service. Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides Comprehensive Nutrition Care™ for a diverse population of men, women and children with unique nutrition needs. Duties include preparing or delivering meals for less the fortunate, its extremely humbling to be able to give just a few hours for a good cause.
Yes, Please suggest a location and note if you are willing to host in Contact Us form. Events are based on the interest of AGREA members.

Advertising Space

Anyone, preferred advertisers would provide services or products directed toward helping appraisers in their business.
Fill out the form located on the Contact Us tab.