Daylight Bandits


When most homeowners picture a burglary, it’s at night under the cover of darkness.

But that image doesn’t match the real world, where 60% of burglaries in the U.S. occur during the day.

The majority of home burglaries happen during the day now, but that wasn’t always the case. In 1961, only 16% of home burglaries were during the day. And that increased to 40% in 1995. (Source: Department of Justice)

This increase is most likely due to more women working outside of the home, leaving more homes vacant.

Burglars love vacant homes because they are easier targets. Additionally, there is a smaller chance of running into witnesses because your neighbors are at work too!

Tips to prevent daytime home burglaries:
Make your home difficult to access.
Kick proof your front door.
Get better door locks.
Don’t hide your spare key in an obvious place.
Install a security system.
Don’t forget to set your security system.
Secure your home’s weak points (like the garage door and pet doors).
Start a Neighborhood Watch program.

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