#HotTopicThursday: Disgruntled Customers



Disgruntled Customers

Let’s be honest the appraisal business can be quite stressful at times! Although it is rewarding to assist people with major milestones in their lives, you are responsible for providing a value on many items that people find priceless. Sometimes these interactions can end in disputes and unhappy clients. This added emotional and sentimental factor of a client’s materials and consumer goods prompts a possibility of complaints and refund requests.

Hot Topic Discussion Time: How have you handled disgruntled customers in the past? Leave us a comment about your experiences and how you handled them.

Some tips to help protect yourself and your appraisal business:

Be transparent and brief the client on what to expect from your appraisal and how you will obtain the information to complete it.

Have a contract that reiterates your services and protects your name from defamation.

Be patient, don’t come off as insensitive when handling consultations.

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