#HotTopicThursday Downsizing From An Empty Nest


It is the American dream: find the soulmate, get an awesome job, find the perfect house with a white picket fence and fill it with kids.  But one day the kids grow up and those little birds leave the nest. Leaving their parents with more house than they need.

Many “empty-nesters” decide to downsize to a smaller home, some rent out rooms within their home, while others toil over the decision of leaving their abode of memories behind.

#HotTopicThursday What do you plan to do once the baby birds fly the coop? Or are you in the situation right now? What tips would you give your fellow empty-nesters?

Here are a couple tips to help with your transition:

  • Consider a short distance move.
  • Decide on the type of neighborhood you would like to move to, this next home will probably be the last place you live, so really ponder if moving into that new hipster neighborhood is a great idea for the future.
  • Look for universal design. A house should be accessible to those of any age or ability, with features such as wide doorways and flat thresholds.
  • Get an appraisal of your old home, so that you are knowledgeable of the revenue you have to work with for the new home.

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