Feature Spotlight #HotTopicThursday


Our #HotTopicDiscussion will be a little different this week.

We have a special featured host, AGREA member Appraisals by Michael, that will prompt the Hot question of the day!

Appraisals by Michael is a real estate appraisal company based in Atlanta with over 15 years of appraisal experience.

HotTopic: For almost 8 years, there has been a consistent decline of real estate appraisers. Some believe that the decline may be linked to mass retirements, as well as the increase in requirements to become an appraiser. Appraisers not only need appraisal training and licenses, but will be required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

Hot Topic Discussion Time: How do you feel about these changes? Do you feel that a 4 year degree is necessary to become an appraiser? Do you see any positives about this new requirement?

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