#HotTopicThursday Building Your Home Buying Circle


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You have done your research on what to expect in the home buying process, budgeted your money and even shopped around for home insurance. Your Pinterest board, or mind, is filled with the daydreams of your first home, and now you are finally ready to make that dream come true!

Although you have put an impressive amount of work into the process, there is one important task that needs to be completed: building your home buying team. This team includes an inspector, an appraiser and a real estate agent.

Many first time buyers rely on their Realtor or real estate agent to pick their entire team, but it can benefit you to shop around for yourself. Most agents are ethical and will provide you with great referrals and sources, but it may be wise to do your own research. Some one-stop shop real estate deals can be to good to be true. Forming your own circle of providers can give you more peace of mind  and control in your process.

Hot Topic Discussion Time: Tell us about your experience forming your home buying team. Did you rely primarily on your realtor or did you shop around?

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