There’s An App For That!

Running a business of any kind is a monumental task which requires shouldering major responsibility and managing resources effectively. A great and handy tool for maximizing productivity and utilizing resources to the max is your smartphone.

Mobile apps can help break down and simplify many of the day-to-day tasks a business must accomplish. Here are some apps that can help boost your small business’ productivity:

LucyphoneiOS, Android
Who wants to wait endlessly to be connected to customer service over the phone? LucyPhone removes the hassle out of holding before getting connected.


LogMeIn – iOS
Using LogMeIn, important information on your PC or Mac can be accessed from your iPad or iPhone. This app really proves its worth as you travel on business trips or need to view files remotely and launch any PC program from your mobile device.

LogmeinEvernote – iOS, Android
Use this powerful note-taking app to store photos, notes, web pages, audio clips, PDF files, sync files, record voice reminders and create to-do lists.


Producteev – iOS, Android
This free task management app lets you assign tasks to several individuals, implement privacy settings and create subtasks.producteev_os_x_icon__ios7_style__by_johnlongview-d6wzh80
DocusigniOS, Android
Who says you have to be physically present on the spot to sign an important document? This app allows you to remotely get paperwork signed and sent.

docusign-icon_140_141_c1BasecampiOS, Android
Want great collaboration within your organization? Basecamp gives team members a single view dashboard that has links to any given project. Files, tasks, milestone dates, along with a discussion front that lets you trade information and work through details.


DropboxiOS, Android
While Dropbox is already popular among mobile app consumers, it has provided countless benefits to business owners through its file-sharing software. Easily sync important work documents across all devices and access them seamlessly from anywhere.


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