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Mark your calendar for the AGREA 2019 FREE training schedule!  Closer to each date, we will announce more information as it becomes available.  Don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the training, each will also be available as a live webinar! [content_band bg_color=”#F8F8F8″ border=”all” padding_top=”5px” padding_bottom=”5px”] [container][column type=”one-third”] Date [gap size=”1px”]January 25  [gap size=”1px”] March 18  [gap size=”1px”] May 6 [gap size=”1px”] July 24 [gap size=”1px”] September 19  [gap size=”1px”] November 6[/column][column type=”two-thirds”] Training Topic [gap size=”1px”]Negotiating with AMCs (Full)[gap size=”1px”] Alternate Sources of Appraisal Business (Full) [gap size=”1px”]Appraisal technology [gap size=”1px”]Tips and tricks to complete your appraisal faster [gap size=”1px”] Dealing with pressure from realtors [gap size=”1px”]Marketing your appraisal company[/column] [/container][/content_band] [prompt type=”left” title=”Register for a FREE training!” message=”If you can join us, please make sure to register!” button_text=”Register now!” href=”″ target=”blank”]